he summer scene returns to Wolfeboro each year with robust momentum – lakeside cottages dormant through winter are now open as families return to town for the season. Beach gear and lawn chairs dot the yard and cooking on the grill is a nightly event. Shoppers align the sidewalks, strolling by storefronts hoping to find that special Wolfeboro memento to bring home.

Walkers, runners and bikers head onto The Russell C. Chase Bridge-Falls Path - the gateway to the Cotton Valley Rail-Trail. The trail leads on a 12-mile journey into Wakefield station and is one of Wolfeboro’s greatest treasures. Summer visitors, who once reached our town by rail, traveled the very path to vacation in our lakeside resort. Explore the summer scene in Wolfeboro – our heritage, our quaint town, and our natural beauty.

The 2020 edition of
America's First Resort is in the works - look for us in the spring at downtown merchants. For those living in the Greater Wolfeboro Area, you will find it delivered in your mailbox in late May!